Cloud-based Digital Signage

BroadSign Core.

Automate Your Digital Signage Network.

BroadSign Core is a secure, cloud-based platform designed to automate the digital signage content management workflow.
Its unique, campaign-based model provides efficiency, flexibility and reliability compared to playlist-based alternatives.

BroadSign Serv Direct.

Work Less, Sell More.

BroadSign Serv Direct enables DOOH sales teams to scan available inventory in real time and generate proposals with a few simple clicks.
By eliminating spreadsheets, the platform expedites the sales cycle, optimizes inventory and reduces error.

BroadSign Serv SSP.

Programmatic, Made for DOOH.

BroadSign Serv SSP is an efficient and transparent platform that makes DOOH inventory available to global buyers in familiar workflows.
The SSP is customized to the DOOH industry, benefiting media owners, DSPs, advertisers and agencies alike.

BroadSign Core