Inventing a New Interactive Streaming Culture

TV Broadcast Group

Designed for every Level of the broadcaster to make professional virtual studio without knowledge of 3ds Max or Maya in extremely easy way. Even without any knowledge of Adobe Premiere or Photoshop, still can do good and professional look of studio design using a photo and graphics provided with VS2500 or can download professional high quality images or graphic files in different resolution for SD and HD from Darim Web-site.

- Virtual Studio Production
- Broadcast Automation
- VR Mixer & Switchers
- Video Wall Solution
- UHD Up-Converter
- Chroma Key Screen & Lights


Series video wall controllers are affordable solutions providing very large display experience to medium or large conference venues. The versatile line up of VRP series controllers support flat video walls comprised of LED/LFD/DLP monitor screens as well as flat or curved video walls with multiple projectors. Up to 3 monitors or projectors are supported. The VRP100 models are intended for flat monitors only, VRP200 support projectors with flat screens (front or rear) and the top of the line VRP300 supports projectors in curved screen installations. Displays, projectors and screens are not included.

- Tele-Presentation
- Training Video Production
- Events & Conferences


An easy-to-use, real-time ‘lecture capture’ and content production software that lets users create visually impacting videos for marketing, employee training, educational contents, and enhance videoconferences for presentations in a few simple steps.

- Smart Classroom
- Flipped Learning
- Interactive Distance Learning

MBC Weather Daily , Virtual Studio VS2000 , 2 Live HD Cameras with Chromakeyer, one live HD Video

iStudio opens a new ERA of New VR Presentation, Lecture Recording & Presentation Conferencing

Smart Broadcast Station, iStudio at CES 2013 Darim booth.